World of Tanks

World of Tanks Betting - List of The Best Sites

If you are looking where to bet on World of Tanks match do not hesitate to look through the list below. Here you will find the most popular websites that offer esports betting services. All of them allow users to make World of Tanks betting online.

All You Need to Know About World of Tanks Match Betting

World of Tanks is a team player MMO game developed by Wargaming. It has become an esport in 2012 after launch of the League and the first championship conducted.

Nowadays World of Tanks is being played by millions of players all over the world and it is a great game to make bets. World of Tanks betting is not quite popular among gamers, however, all of the top esports betting websites offer an opportunity to make a bet on matches.

What Do You Need to Know Before Betting Money on World of Tanks

WoT betting is as easy as possible. All you need to do is to get signed up to the bookmaker service and make a deposit to your balance. than just choose the match you want to bet on and enjoy the results.

Concerning the game – here you can make bets on match or championships outcomes. The prize fund of the World of Tanks makes 330000$ and continues to grow so there are many professional teams willing to participate in the tournament and you can place bets on any of them.

The match you can bet on looks like this – players are united in teams and they are being spawned on different maps where they have to kill all the enemy units.

There are both team and duel matches – usually team matches are for squads containing 3 players.

How to Make Money Betting on World of Tanks

World of Tanks become esports not so long ago so there are not many professional players and teams yet. So it is rather easy to get acquainted about the teams and players that are likely to be favorites in the tournaments. Use this information to make successful bets.

All you need to do to assess the match participants performance is to watch streams where they have already played to understand how good the specified player or team is. Afterwards make sure you have found website with the best odds for the specified match – the more odds are the more is the amount of money you can win.

World of Tanks Betting Winning Strategies

It is better to make bets on teams and players you really know about. The thing is the battles in World of Tanks are not so dynamic like in CS:GO for example. The round can last rather long and many teams use the tactics of ambushes and long cross shootings, so it is usually rather easy to define which team is the best in tactics, choosing places and in shooting.

If you want to implement successful World of Tanks betting strategies you need to start from gathering information about the top rated players.

Is World of Tanks Betting on Real Money Legal?

Yes, it surely is. We have collected the base of websites in the list above which are totally legal and licensed. You only need to be more than 18 years old to make bets using these online services.

You can use any legal payment methods available on the websites of the services – PayPal, VISA/MasterCard, Skrill and other payment methods.

Are There World of Tanks Betting Sites With No Deposit Bonuses?

Yes, there are many of them. Many websites that deal with bookmaking offer bonus funds upon registration which you can use like real money when you make bets. It is a good chance to define whether you are really ready to play on real money.