Esports Betting Sites Payment Methods - VISA and MasterCard

Paying with the bank card is the most classic and usually comfortable payment method among all. That is why most of the esports betting sites support VISA and MasterCArd payments and withdrawals.

Below you will find a table of websites that accept VISA and MasterCard as a payment method and some more about how this payment method is realized.

List of the Esports Betting Sites Supporting VISA and MasterCard

Here you can see the list of the best online betting sites accepting VISA and MasterCard. Most of these websites support several payment methods along with the VISA and MasterCard so be sure that you will find here a good option for you.

Why to Choose VISA and MasterCard Payment Method for Esports Betting Sites?

Bank card payment method is very convenient and there are several reasons to use this payment method:

  • It is fast – when you make a payment with bank card it takes only a few minutes for transaction to be completed no matter whether you use prepaid, debit or credit card
  • It is universal – most of the services accept bank card payments, so you are likely to be ready to use any of those
  • It is safe – all the payments performed with bank cards are secured and you can get a history of the transactions in your bank
  • It is convenient – all you need to do is to enter some data in couple of fields and maybe confirm the payment with your phone and it will be completed

Why not to use bank cards to make payments:

  • You usually need to submit your personal data when you make payments
  • You usually need to submit your identity card/driving license image when you make a first deposit from the card
  • Withdrawal can take up to 5-7 bank days – however, that depends from the service you are dealing with and your bank – contact your bank and online betting site support to clarify this
  • If you do not have authorization and transaction confirmation tools activated your bank card data can be used to make unauthorized payments from it

As you can see there are both cons and pros for using bank card to make payments in online payment sites, you can also make esports betting with PayPal, Skrill or Neteller.