All about Top esports games for Betting

Without a doubt, the world has changed its attitude towards competitive esports top games dramatically. Especially after the largest international corporations have announced their participation (as sponsors) in the major esports Tournaments. Top esports games like Dota 2, CS:GO, or League of Legends gather millions of fans who bet on their favorite teams and players and earn real money.

Top esports games for betting are currently on the same level of popularity as conventional sports like football or tennis. And money prizes for top 10 esports games matches reach tenth of millions of dollars. Obviously, it contributed in top games for esports industry expansion greatly. Millions of bettors all over the world make their csgo or Dota 2 betting with real money through online bookmakers.

Here are the TOP esports games 2018

CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive)

CS:GO match betting takes the lion part of the whole esports betting “pie”. The game CS:GO stands for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It is a multiplayer first-person shooter game where two teams (Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists) fight with each other. Trying to kill as many opponents as possible and complete interim objectives like planting or neutralizing bombs, rescue hostages and so on, according to the game’s scenario.

Players have various weapons that increase their performance, just like different game’s modes help to reach different goals more efficiently. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is reasonably Number 1 among top esports games due to superior graphics and engaging intensity of the game’s action.

Dota 2

When it comes to top games in esports, you’ll hear about Dota 2 first hand due to a colossal number of fans who play and make betting on Defense of the Ancients (Dota 2). The game is played by two teams of five players each. The action is taken place on the “map” with the two bases of opponents where the ultimate goal of each team is to destroy the base of the opposing team.

By killing “heroes” of the opposite team and neutralizing “creeps”, the team gains more and more advantages that increase the overall performance of the team. Being the most capturing game to play and one of the most attractive games for betting, Dota 2 competes for a leading position only with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

League of Legends

It takes one single look at the bookmakers’ offerings to figure out that League of Legends betting has taken the world by storm. Just like Dota 2, League of Legends (or LoL) is played by two teams that comprise five members each. The team’s objective is to destroy the enemy’s base and to kill as many “heroes” of the opposite team as possible. LoL is something between a Real-time strategy game and a role-playing game with lots of “bets markets” for LoL’s bettors.

The game provides the players with the opportunity to increase their strengths and abilities with certain objects.

Pubg (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds)

Welcome to the PUBG world (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) which is multiplayer “battle royale” genre game, based on a cult Japanese thriller movie “Battle Royale”. It is a PvP game (Person vs Person) with the clear objective for each player to be the last alive among up to 100 of other players. Also, players can gather in small teams of four players. The pubg betting concept is to predict who among all players involved will eventually be the one who’ll stay alive. PUBG is a last man standing death match genre (LMS) with capturing landscapes and special equipment that helps to stay alive.


It is one of the most popular top competitive esports games. It’s a shooter game of two teams (6×6) where each player chooses their own “hero” to play on its behalf. All heroes are classified as:

  • Damage (those whose aim is to engage and liquidate the enemy);
  • Defense (those who protect the team);
  • Tank (those who break fortified positions of enemies);
  • Support (those who empower and heal).

Overwatch (OW) is a first-person multiplayer game with multiple spectacular locations (maps) and nice rewards (like new skin or poses) as and when players achieve certain goals. You can make your Overwatch bet on the match’s winner, outright winner, or try a handicap betting (if your bookmaker offers this option).

Other TOP 5 esports games

Rock League

It is probably the most unusual one among top games 2018 for esports betting, and it is described as a soccer game with rocket powered cars. Rocket league is created and released by the Psyonix company and has two modes: multi-player mode and a one-player mode. The game play is simple:

  • players have to hit the large ball into the opponents’ cars with their own cars to receive points.

Plus their cars have to “survive” among cars of other players (of the opposite team). The map has specially marketed areas with a “boost” mode. When the car crosses the area, it becomes boosted for the certain period of time.


Hearthstone (or Heroes of Warcraft) is a collectible online card game, developed by Blizzard Entertainment. The aim of the game is to collect the full set (a collection) of cards by accomplishing the certain mission. The game is played by two opponents and each opponent strives to cut the health of the other player to zero level. Without a doubt, Hearthstone reasonably has a leading position among top esports games.

When it comes to Hearthstone betting, bettors have a variety of betting markets to choose from, where two main markets are: the match’s winner and the outright winner. While betting on Hearthstone, it’s highly important to know the specifics of the game. The styles of playing and the specifics of the certain team’s gaming tactics and strategies.

Call of Duty

It is a first-person shooter game, released by Activision and developed by Infinity Ward. In this esports game, a player plays as an infantry soldier. He uses the firearm of the World War 2 times. The game itself simulates the WW2 battlefields. With a number of missions a player must accomplish in order to be promoted to the next military title (for more complicated further missions). The game has 4 levels. Each level has the specific maximum number of “wounds” the soldier is able to endure. There are 26 missions in the call of Duty. Therefore the player has to accomplish all missions in order to win.

When offering a Call of Duty betting, bookmakers offer several betting markets, depending on the type of the Tournament.

Starcraft 2

Starcraft 2 is a real-time strategy video game. Like many other top games for esports, it required extraordinary playing skills from participants. Two players play against each other on up to five different “maps”. As soon as one of the players win two (of three) or three (of five) maps, he gets the title and bettors who’ve made Starcraft 2 betting win their real money.


Smite is one of the top esports games with the impressively large international audience of fans. It is a MOBA game (multiplayer online battlefield arena) which is considered a number 1 action video game my many major bookmakers, based on the amount of Smite betting all over the world.

The player controls mythological Gods: Greek, Rome, Indian, Chinese mythologies. While he plays and sees the map from the third-person’s perspective.

Each player controls one God and which has to combat another God (the opponent’s hero). Gods have their characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses, and players make use of these qualities during the combat phase.