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Best Team Fortress 2 (TF2) Betting Sites for 2018

There are many TF2 betting websites you can choose from. Some of the websites have more TF2 matches to bet on, others less – odds, bonuses and conditions also vary and below you can see the list of the recommended websites to make esports bets on online.

So from the table above you can choose a proper TF2 betting website by comparing those here online.

All You Need to Know About Team Fortress 2 Match Betting

Team Fortress 2 is a popular team battle online shooter. It was developed as an alternative to CS:GO and as well as for Counter-Strike TF2 betting is becoming popular. As an esport TF2 is not so developed like DOTA 2 or CS, but it is still gathering millions of players all over the world when events like championships and tournaments are taking place.

So now you can place real money on Team Fortress 2 matches outcome and it is very easy especially if you choose the right esports bookmaker website.

What Do You Need to Know Before Betting Money on Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 is a very popular shooter differs from other online shooters seriously. Here you can find different classes of hero with unique specialization, wide choice of weaponry and thus many kinds of tactics that can be used.

The enlisted above is the reason TF2 tournaments are so interesting to watch and thus to make bets on. When talking about Team Fortress it also has to be said that there many teams now you can choose from to make bets on.

Most of the teams are professional or semi-professional so matches and tournaments are very interesting and unpredictable. Though there are not so many events now, so you usually have to wait for one to happen before you can to making bets. On the contrary you can make a bet on CS:GO match results every day instead – there are much more teams participating and much more events to consider.

How to Make Money Betting on TF 2

It is hard to make money on Team Fortress 2 betting due to the fact there not so much matches conducted nowadays. However, this situation will change soon. On the other hand it is much more easier now to make precise predictions on match and tournaments outcome as you have to analyze much less data.

When you enter TF2 betting website you can see the list of matches you can bet on and there are always odds that define how much you can win when making bets on a specified team. In order to make more money it is better choose websites with the best odds.

The website with the best odds is the one that offers you better winning coefficient for the team you assume will win the match. And the bigger are the numbers the more you can win. That is why it is better to sign up for several TF2 betting websites to get the most from the stakes.

In order to understand chances to win of the teams it is better to analyze their performance and progress by watching streams that are regularly available on Twitch.

Team Fortress 2 Betting Winning Strategies

When getting registered to TF2 betting sites it is better to find the best winning strategies. After you have decided where to make bets on you should choose one of listed below strategies:

Betting on favourites – always bet on the teams that have the best chances to win – as the odds are formed due to the analysis bookmakers provide you are likely to win in most of the cases.
Betting on outsiders – it is kind of a risky strategy, but it has a couple of advantages and the biggest one is the fact you can win more per each dollar deposited.

Consider championship betting – is you choose the team that is most likely to win the championship than others you can get a serious multiplier to your bet than if you are just betting on match results.

Why There Are So Few Matches to Bet On?

The thing is there are not so many events provided and not so many professional teams playing now. Unlike with CS:GO betting where you can bet on a match or event outcome everyday and many times.

However, when it comes to the championship or special tournament there are always many matches to bet on so it is better not to miss those.