Starcraft 2

Esports Starcraft Betting Sites, Tips & FAQ

Starcraft bet may bring your easy money when placed at a trustworthy bookmaker and we are happy to provide you with a list of the best Starcraft betting sites.

Starcraft 2 betting is not a new thing, as the game itself is a new version of a legendary Starcraft released in 1993 by Blizzard Entertainment. That time video gamers and fans didn’t have such a various opportunities for wagering and winning real money, while now Starcraft betting is on the top of bettors’ interest.

When it comes to esports betting Starcraft (SC) outshines many other esports discipline sue to an incredibly capturing plot of the game and a wide range of type of bets. The game has three modes (3 races to play with), so one may opt for a specific mode for betting on Starcraft 2, while placing several different bets within the same game and within the same match.

A brief intro into the game for successful Starcraft betting

Are you thinking on Starcraft battle bet down? Get to know the game first!

Starcraft is a real-time strategy game which is played 2×2 or 1×1 where the one of three modes (races or campaigns) is picked by players before the start of the game. They called Terran, Protoss, and Zerg.

The main goal of the game is to build a base and destroy the base of an opponent by using different features and natural resources (to fortify own structures and units).

The winner is the player who destroys the base of an opponent and manages to defend own base from the distortion. That is why the whole concept of a Starcraft betting revolves around the one player who either wins or loses.

Types of Starcraft bets for real money wagering

Just like with any other esports disciplines, betting on Starcraft implies a bettor’s choice of types of bets he feels like opting for. Due to a game being a multi-campaigned, the variety of bets is impressive. Though, not each Starcraft betting side offers the whole range of Starcraft betting lines.

  • Starcraft 2 betting on a match’s (a Tournament’s) winner. This is the simplest betting line: if you place a Starcraft bet on a winner you grab the money (the amount depends on the initial odds given by a bookmaker).
  • Outright Starcraft betting – is the betting on a future team’s results.
  • Handicap Starcraft 2 betting – is the betting with an adjusted odds for “equalizing” chances of two players where one player is obviously stronger than another. By adjusting odds an esports betting site makes it less predictable and more interesting for bettors to wager on both Starcraft 2 players.
  • Starcraft betting on a correct score. Wager on a correct score and grab your money regardless of who is the winner.
  • A SC betting on a map’s winner – this is a betting on a campaign winner ( a certain round within the entire game)

The main Starcraft 2 leagues and Tournaments

Every Starcraft betting site provides its bettors with the comprehensive schedule of upcoming tournaments, so you will never have a lack of matches to place your Starcraft 2 bet.

Premier Tournaments are the events with the largest money prizes that attract major sponsors and bettors all over the world. But the most “delicious” esports events for Starcraft betting are the major Tournament where top teams and players take part.

The major events of 2018 are: Home Story Cup, GPL 2018 Season 3, People Images Starcraft 2 league, the various North America Qualifiers, GPL Grand Finals, and others.

You Starcraft bet placed on one of these events can bring you the substantial amount of real money.

The Summary of Starcraft 2 betting

Starcraft 2 is a rapidly growing esports discipline with a remarkably large base of fans. Because the game isn’t new to the market (it has a previous version “Starcraft), it has a multi-million audience of players and all esports betting sites position Starcraft 2 as a top-game for real-money betting.

You have a wide range of choice where to bet on Starcraft, whether you are interested in major international or minor local events. Making Starcraft betting predictions for earning real money is completely legal for U.S, Canada, and Europe, so anyone can make a deposit by transferring money to an esports betting site.

Pick the tournament, choice the team or a player you expect to be a winner, wager a certain amount of money and keep your fingers crossed! Good luck in your Starcraft betting!