The Smite betting esports guide - Sites, Odds, FAQ.

Smite betting is now officially a thing! The game, released in 2014, instantly became a super star in the esports team betting world. Smite is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena type of an esports discipline (a competitive video game), played in a third-person view mode. In order to choose the best Smite 1v1 betting website to place a bet, take a look at our list of esports online bookmakers below. Whether you are interested in high Smite csl 2018 split three betting odds or in the largest variety of Smite s3 betting lines, you will find the best offers at the following esports websites:

Smite betting lines and odds

Fantasy league betting is based on a perfect knowledge of a game-play. Smite esports discipline offers you several types of bets (betting lines) you can wager your real money on. The game can be played either by two teams 5×5 players or one player against another.
The Smite heroes are embodied in ancient gods like Zeus, Ra, Athens and used by players as their avatars.

Smite csl 2018 betting lines imply you can bet on a team (or a player) who will destroy the opponent’s Titan (the central figure of the team’s base). In order to destroy the Titan a team must first destroy a Phoenix and towers that protect the Titan. After that, you can approach to the main base.

Smite fantasy league betting for real money

If you are a beginner in Smite betting, it’s much easier to start betting on match of a local scale rather than a big international tournament. Even if Smite betting odds are not that high, you’ll have an excellent start by “testing the ground” and figuring out what real betting is.

Surely, Smite c3 betting as an esports discipline has a considerably narrower range of betting markets compared to Dota 2 or League of Legends. Still, all major online betting esports sites offer Smite betting for real money.
In order to place a bet, you would need to make the following steps.

  • Pick an esports betting website where Smite betting odds and the list of upcoming tournaments on Smite are offered.
  • Make a deposit by transferring real money to the chosen esports betting operator. You’ll typically be offered a variety of payment methods (banking, e-wallets, and cryptocurrency wallets) where each method implies specific advantages or disadvantages.
  • Get your welcome bonus from the esports betting website and pick the tournament you’d like to place your bet on.
  • Based on the odds, make a bet on the team (or a player if it’s a 1v1 game) that you consider a potential winner of the match. Based on the results your bet either turns out to be a winning one or not.

Esports Smite betting summary

Smite betting is a relatively new option for video gaming fans that are used to making bets on games like
Dota 2. The game offers a wide range of Smite csl 2018 betting lines, so it’s a great esports discipline to start an esports betting journey with.

Along with the huge audience of international fans, Smite has an impressive audience of esports bettors who are interested in watching the Tournaments while making their Live bets (see the list of esports websites that offer Live Smite betting above). Place your luckiest bet with today!