Rocket League

Best Rocket League Betting Sites & Bet Guide

Rocket league is called the best game for newcomers to start betting on esports, due to the clear rules and simple types of bets for real money wagering. With a proper knowledge and luck, Rocket league betting can bring lots of joy and excitement both for experienced bettors and those who’ve just started to explore the world of esports team betting.

Successful Rocket league betting with

Esports disciplines have taken a relatively new bright start into the family – a Rocket league game with a variety of betting options for those who want to make money by wagering on Rocket league Tournaments.

Rocket league betting is easy as the game is about very fast pace and quite short rounds, compared to other video games like Lol or Dota 2.

Like many other video games, Rocket league is a pure pleasure and excitement not just to play but also to watch other player playing against opponents.

The game is a kind of sequel of a former legend – “Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars” which was an incredibly popular video game in the beginning of 2000th. The new version was released in 2014 to capture the attention of millions of players immediately. The number of fans playing Rocket league is constantly increasing.

Brief intro into the game to make successful betting on Rocket League

Rocket league is a rocket-powered cars soccer game where the opponents strive to hit the larger ball into the territory of the opposite players.

Each ball that is hit into the opponent’s net brings a score to the player (or to the team of players). The team who gets the higher score wins the match, thus the bettor who placed a Rocket league bet on that team wins money.

Along with driving, cars can jump into the air for hitting balls. Cars can be boosted in speed by driving through the specially marked spots. Also, boosting mode allows cars to jump higher to hit the ball more efficiently.

That’s it, the structure and the concept of the game is clear and simple, and so the betting on Rocket league is.

All Rocket league betting sites provide bettors with the brief introduction into the game, so you’ll get the full picture even if you currently know zero about Rocket league.

Types of bets on Rocket league

There are five types of bets you can choose from for your Rocket league betting. Usually, Rocket league betting sites offer the following bets:

In-play bets

These are the opportunities for Rocket league betting when the Tournament has already started. Unlike the bets you’ve placed before the match, live betting allows you to adjust your expectations and predictions based on the team’s performance during the match.

Money line bets

These are the most common types of bets you can find at all Rocket league betting sites. The concept is simple: you wager money on a winning team, according to your prediction. If your team wins the game you get your money in accordance with the initially offered odds.

Outright Rocket league bets

These are the types of Rocket league betting league for the future team’s results. For example, these are series of tournaments, where each Tournament is held once a season. You can wager your money on the finalists of the series.

Combo bets

These are quite complicated type of bets where several different bets accumulate into the one higher-paid bet. If you wager on different teams on a series of matches and all your expectations are correct, your bets summarize into a larger winning.

Special bets

These are the exclusive and specific bets Rocket league betting sites may offer for different tournaments. These bets may include a bet on a definite team’s achievements or a move (for example how many times the team’s cars will be boosted or how many jumps a certain player will make within the entire game or a separate round).

Best bookmakers for Rocket league betting


This esports bookmaker and a Rocket league betting site welcomes everyone with the best odds and a highly responsive customer support. It doesn’t offer welcome bonuses though, yet Pinnacle is still considered a top world’s esports bookmaker.

Thunderpick esports betting site

The bookmaker has an exquisite interface and specializes exactly on esports, so you will find there everything that relates to competitive video gaming. The site is legal and offers the variety of payment methods.

The bookmaker declares the best odds on all types of esports disciplines, including the Rocket league betting. It offers the mobile application for a more convenient betting.


This esports and Rocket league betting site knows how to catch a client. By becoming a real money bettor with Arcanebet you get yourself a 150% bonus on your deposit (read the detailed terms).

Betway Esports

Betway Esports is the international Rocket league betting site with the most generous bonuses for real-money bettors. Start wagering by making a deposit via any payment method you prefer (banking method, electronic money, crypto currency).

How to make Championship betting predictions on Rocket League

Know the best teams of the Rocket league and the most high-performance players if you want to be the successful Rocket league betting gambler. By following the team’s achievements and analyzing its strengths and weaknesses, you’ll find out whether it is worth to bet on when it is time to wager.

There is a one huge mistake people make by preferring Rocket league betting only on Major international events, being seduced by large potential winnings. They forget that millions of bettors do the same, so the chances to win a really large amount of money are significantly smaller. By opting for local matches and tournaments you get yourself a chance to win good money if you chose the odds that play in your favor.

If you want to increase your chances to win by betting on match, you need to learn the game thoroughly (it is fair for all games). Your favorite team betting can bring you real money if you won’t rely blindly on pure luck.

The summary of Rocket league betting

Betting on Rocket league is easier and simpler compared to betting on other esports disciplines as the game itself has a simple one-level structure: one team wins and another team loses.
The only one cons of Rocket league betting is that not all esports betting sites offer this game for wagering sue to Rocket league isn’t that popular as CS:GO or Dota 2. Still, you’ll find best odds for Rocket league betting on all major international betting sites (see the list of the best esports bookmakers above).