Esports Betting with PayPal system - Best Sites & Tips

The high competition of esports betting websites makes them widen the range of offered payment methods. If earlier only banking methods were available, nowadays you can send and receive real money via e-wallets, crypto wallets, and PayPal system. PayPal for esports betting is currently the Number 1 payment methods preferred by international bettors and there are several solid reasons why they consider PayPal convenient, safe, and fast to make an esports bet.

In short – PayPal is all about total privacy and full anonymity which often are the key factors bettors take into account when picking an online esports bookmaker.

Advantages of esports betting PayPal method:

First of all, there is a question: is making a bet on esports with PayPal safe? Well, it is not only safe but often the faster and a cheaper way of money transferring than widely used Visa and MasterCard.


PayPal is an electronic wallet which is, despite being connected to your bank account, doesn’t provide the bank an access to your money transactions. You can deposit and withdraw you esports betting PayPal money without showing your activity to the bank. The same is fair for Bitcoin esports betting, as there is no need to show your bank money movements on your card.

Unlimited access to funds

PayPal esports betting method allows you to have full access and control over your money, therefore as soon as your funds have landed on PayPal wallet, they are fully liquid (could be exchanged to cash or transferred to Visa or MasterCard immediately).

Sending money to other PayPal esports users

This is the exclusive advantage of PayPal payment system. PayPal users can send money to each other directly on PayPal wallet without any bank intermediary. For example, if your friend or relative also wants to bet on esports with PayPal but they don’t have funds on it, you can transfer your money onto their PayPal esports wallet in a blink of an eye.


After all, PayPal was created long before any other e-wallets were, so its reliability and safety are confirmed and verified by millions of users.

What are the cons of PayPal esports tournament betting method?

Basically, there are only minor and occasional disadvantages some bettors may face while dealing with esports betting PayPal method.

  1. Since PayPal isn’t a bank, it is not controlled and regulated my official financial legislation, so some don’t recommend to keep a significant amount of money on PayPal wallets,
  2. There were cases when the PayPal system blocks users’ wallets due to the violation of PayPal’s policy. Anyway, it’s a common thing for electronic wallets to freeze users’ funds in a case of suspicious money transactions. If you just use the wallet for PayPal esports betting and for other legal transactions, there is nothing to worry about.
  3. Betting on match via PayPal esports methods takes commission, so be ready for a fee which will be charged when you’ll make a deposit or receive your winnings from the betting site.

How does PayPal esports work?

  1. After establishing a PayPal account, pick an esports bookmaker that offers esports betting PayPal system as a payment method.
  2. Pick a bet on esports with PayPal in the list of payment options on your betting site and link your PayPal account.
  3. Transfer the amount you want to make a deposit with and receive the confirmation of the payment from the bookmaker.

Once your deposit is made you can place your first bet on a preferred tournament or a match. Don’t forget about the welcome bonus esports bookmakers usually give to their real money bettors. The bonus will be added on your account at the betting site.

The esports betting PayPal withdrawal concept is similar: you order the amount you want to withdraw, notify the bookmaker, and the money will land on your e-wallet within 24 hours (the standard term for esports bookmakers). The transaction fee will be charged automatically.