The Best Hearthstone Betting Sites, Tips & Odds

There are many Hearthstone betting sites available and you have a wide choice of resources to make bets using different payment methods. Below you can see the table of services which are recommended to consider.

Websites vary with coefficients available to make bets and other conditions like deposit bonuses, payment methods available and others. Some of the websites cover more Hearthstone matches and events.

All You Need to Know About Hearthstone Match Betting

Hearthstone is a very popular online card game based on the Warcraft mythology. If you have ever played Warcraft, World of Warcraft or DOTA you have surely heard about Hearthstone as this where players come from to this game. So Hearthstone is now one of the most popular esport games to bet on.

If you want to get involved into Hearthstone betting read forth to know more about the details and websites you can place bets on.

What Do You Need to Know Before Betting Money on Hearthstone

There are simple rules for Hearthstone:

  • you choose your character which has 30 hp points before the match and your goal is to kill opponent’s character
  • you get cards randomly from the list of the cards you have chosen to play with
  • each deck of cards can only be used once in the frame of the event (championship, event)
  • the winning player is the one who manages to get 3 victories first so the maximum number of matches is 5

There are many championships and tournaments taking place worldwide and there are also regional championships any player can participate in or bet on. You can make a Hearthstone bet on tournament choosing the player you think will win or just make the bets on matches that are taking place.

How to Make Money Betting on Hearthstone

If you want to earn some cash by making bets on real money on Hearthstone you need to know that it is better to make bets when championships are going on. There are professional players gathered on championships and all good bookmaker services allow to make bets on the match results and championship outcome.

Hearthstone Betting Winning Strategies

After you decide where to bet on Hearthstone matches it would be a good idea to find out winning strategies. First of all, it is important to choose a bookmaker service that has the best odds for you. You need to make predictions on match outcomes and to make good predictions it is important to watch the streams of matches and get clear with favorites.

Before betting on match make sure that you understand strong and weak points of the competitors – of course luck plays role as well, however, you always can define the style of each player if you watch his matches.

Why There Are So Few Matches to Bet On?

The thing is esports is not so developed and widespread like classic sports – it will take years for esports to have the same number of events and tournaments like the classic sports and thus the big amount of matches taking place.

So now you usually only can bet when the events are taking place and sometimes you cannot even make a bet for months.

Is Hearthstone Betting on Real Money Legal in USA?

Yes, it is completely legal – you just need to be more than 18 years old, and afterwards all you need to do is to sign up for the bookmakers service and make a deposit. However, sometimes you can make bets even without depositing your balance.

Are There Hearthstone Betting Sites With No Deposit Bonuses?

Some services offer bonus funds for registration on your account. That means that you can get real money on your account which you can bet with for free. This is called no deposit bonus and you can use it to try whether you like it making bets or not,

How Hearthstone Tournaments Are Conducted?

All you need to do to run an official tournament is only to have at least 8 players ready to participate. However, such tournaments are no so popular and usually no one watches them. The big events that are taking place are more interesting as there are people participating all over the world. Usually, such tournaments start with Qualifying rounds where it is defined who are the best player that will participate in final part. Afterwards players that have passed through qualifying rounds meet in the finals.