List of The Best Halo Betting Sites

If you want to find where to bet on Halo events below you can find the table of the most popular and trusted bookmaker websites. Here betting on match is available from all over the world.

Do not be surprised if you do not see matches to bet on these sites – those are available when the tournaments and other official events are taking place.

All You Need to Know About Halo Match Betting

Halo is the FPS shooter that has been sold by 65 millions copies all over the world which makes it one of the most popular ones. The futuristic science fiction setting, advanced combat system and ideal balance made this game one of the most popular in the world and today Halo betting is a widespread activity you can get involved in.

The amount of championship prizes for Halo exceed 50 million dollars, and there are many Halo 5 bets made in each tournament.

What Do You Need to Know Before Betting Money on Halo

The game is available both for PC and Xbox and there many players taking part in tournaments. There are many modes for the Halo both for team matches deathmatches where each player is playing on its own against all other players.

  • Warzone – there are two teams each containing 12 players and the objective for the teams is to perform the most efficient defense of their base – you need to kill the most AI units or destroy their bases to get 1000 points. The team that manages to make 1000 points the first is a winner;
  • Warzone Assault – it is so called siege mode when one team has to destroy other team’s base;
  • Slayer – this is a complete deathmatch where 24 players fight against each other and the one who manages to make 25 kills first is assumed to be victorious;
  • Team Slayer – team deathmatch mode with unlimited respawns for each player – the team that manages to make 50 kills first will win;
  • Strongholds – the objective of the team is to control 2 of 3 control points as long as possible until one team collects 100 points;
  • Capture the Flag – 2 teams, each has own flags to protect and rival’s flag to capture.

How to Make Money Betting on Halo

The best way to earn on championship betting in Halo is to figure out the best team. You need to consider the tactics team uses, teamplay, and individual skills of each players. When there are team battles the way team manages to cooperate is the most important factor.

Halo Betting Winning Strategies

The best idea for the gambler to make a successful bet is to understand the powers of the teams and players that are participating in a match or tournament. Most of the bookmaker websites provide brief information on teams and you can find out more if you watch their Twitch broadcasts – so that you can analyze performance of each team and player on your own.

Why There Are So Few Matches to Bet On?

Although Halo is available for PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360 and there are numerous players all over the world that play this game it is rather hard to find matches that are being played currently and you can bet on.

You need to wait until the tournament is being started and then you can make bets on real money after you sign up to the bookmaker website.

Halo Betting Bonuses

Most of the websites in the list above provide outstanding no deposit and deposit bonuses for new players. That means that if you claim no deposit bonus you can get free real money on your balance and if you claim a deposit bonus you can get up to 100% of the deposited sum as a bonus on your account.