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The Best FIFA Betting Sites, Tips and Odds

Below you can find the list of the best FIFA 15-19 betting websites. There you can place bets on match results, tournament outcomes and you can do this just like in real football – place bets on draws, winnings, 1,2,3 – places in tournaments and many other types of bets.

Websites vary by the odds, number of tournaments and matches available to make bets on and many other parameters. In the list above you can find the best and most trusted online bookmakers. Most of the websites support all of the most popular payment methods like PayPal, Skrill, VISA/MasterCard etc.

All You Need to Know About FIFA Match Betting

FIFA is football simulator game series that has been started in late 90s and since then Electronic Arts is releasing a new game each year. Each game gets new features added and reflects the current teams in real-time mode. Today FIFA became the most popular sport simulator and an esports discipline. So you can easily place bets on FIFA game series matches and tournaments.

What Do You Need to Know Before Betting Money on FIFA

There are many types of tournaments you can place bets on. Usually there 32, 64 teams participating in tournament and the championship is divided in two parts – group qualifying rounds and play-offs.

However, there are also leagues just like the real national leagues with up to 25 teams in each one and the winner is defined by the quantity of points acquired where:

  • 3 points – to winner
  • 1 point – to each team if there was a draw
  • 0 points to the team that lost
  • -3 points in case of the default

Such a tournaments usually take much time as depending on the number of teams in the league there have to be played 2 matches with each league member and if there 25 teams in the league each team has to play 48 matches.

The championships in FIFA are taking place very often – there are both official and non-official tournaments as those are really easy to be organized.

How to Make Money Betting on FIFA

All the best FIFA 17 betting sites provide precise odds for the match results. Consider those is you want to win – as here not only the teams that are participating in the matches play role, but also the players that are controlling those. If you plan betting on games of FIFA 2016 do not forget to consider the previous matches results.

The best way to win when you make bets on FIFA 2018 matches is to develop a winning strategy that allows you to make successful bets.

FIFA Betting Winning Strategies

As you know the teams in online FIFA tournaments have the same players as in the real football teams and powers are balanced approximately like for the real football teams. So you need to consider this when making bets.

You should also consider the skills of the player – as there are many tactics and strategies for the FIFA and even 3-star team (by the FIFA rating) can win the 4 or 5-star team if controlled by the skilled player.

Concerning the teams players can choose – there are always different rules. Sometime you can only choose the team that is less 5 stars, sometimes there are only limitations on national teams.