Call Of Duty

Call of Duty Betting - All About Bet On CoD

If you want to find the best Call of Duty betting site it would be a great idea to look through the options available. For today there are many services that offer esports betting services. And along with the Call of Duty bet you can bet on DOTA 2, CS:GO or any other game on these websites. They vary by odds and services, bonuses, payment methods and conditions. So see the table below to get a full list of esports betting websites you can choose from:

All You Need to Know About Call of Duty Match Betting

Call of Duty is one of the most popular shooters known worldwide. There are millions of players everyday participating in online battles and thus it became an esports you can bet on. Call of Duty betting is not so popular like DOTA 2 or LOL, but it is only a matter of time when there will be more matches and events to bet on.

If you want to know more about COD betting read below about the details and websites where you can place a bet.

What Do You Need to Know Before Betting Money on Call of Duty

Call of Duty is all about shooting – once you spawn on the starting point you and your team need to accomplish the mission – kill all the enemy troops. This is what the game is built around and when it comes to betting you can bet on match results for team matches or even 1v1 Call of Duty betting which is also available.

Due to the fact all the battles are interactive and dynamic it is always a good idea to watch a match stream and you also can place an online bet on any of the available services.
How to Make Money Betting on Call of Duty

When you enter the website category of the COD you can see the odds. The higher is the odd the more you can win if you place a bet on a specified team winning. Online COD betting can be made for:

  • match results – 1v1 or team matches – you need to make a bet on a team or a player that you assume will win the match
  • on tournament/event results – when one is taking place you can make a bet on a team that will win the tournament

Actually, there are not so much matches and events for Call of Duty you can make bets on. So it is better to consider making bets on other games as well.

Call of Duty Betting Winning Strategies

You need to know some information about the teams and players that participate in matches and events. Wise COD bets can be called so if you have at least watched a few streams of the matches where the specified teams have participate, so that you can assess those performance.

The best winning strategy for COD online betting would be to find the favourites on your own and make bets on them constantly. There are also COD betting predictions services, channels and publics you can get information on. However, it would be a bad idea to rely only on those.

You also should find a service with competitive Call of Duty betting odds – as this is what your winning amount will depend directly on.

Why There Are So Few Matches to Bet On?

The thing is esports in general is rather young and there will pass years before there will be a big amount of players and teams and thus tournaments. However, there are still matches and tournaments ongoing , so Call of Duty in USA is very popular just like the game itself.

Is Call of Duty Betting on Real Money Legal?

No matter whether it is American COD betting or any other it is fully legal. All of the esports betting websites offered in the list above are properly licensed and do not break the laws on the territories of the countries they operate on.