Bitcoin for Esports Betting - Best Sites in USA

Here is the table of betting esports sites where Bitcoin payments and withdrawals are accepted. Look through this list to choose the website to consider as a bookmaker service. Add this page to the bookmarks as the quantity of websites accepting Bitcoins as a payment method will increase in future.

Bitcoin for Esports Betting

Esports became very popular recently and thus online bookmakers for esports have arisen. For now there are tens of online bookmaker services where you can make bets on esports events and their number will grow as the number of games that will become esports disciplines. And there are many payment methods available – in particularly payments with Bitcoin.

In this article you will find out the list of websites where you can make Bitcoin payments to bet and more about Bitcoin and payment methods for betting sites.

Esports Betting in USA with Bitcoin

If you live in USA you should know that Bitcoins are not forbidden in USA and you can still use this cryptocurrency to make and accept payments. Note that US Supreme Court has also legalized online betting and gambling in US, so you do not need to think over whether it is legit in US.

Anyway, you can easily use cryptocurrency for the online betting activity.

What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency based on a blockchain technology. Its main advantage is that Bitcoin is decentralized – there is no single regulatory or issuing centre that makes the rules for using BTC.

New BTCs are created by the users of the system and all the operations performed with Bitcoin are displayed, so there is no way someone can steal your BTC or hide one’s activity.

In the meantime Bitcoin is anonymous as all you need to do to use BTC is to create a wallet. It can be done in a minute and you do not need to submit any personal data to do this. That is why you can perform operations with BTC and no one will know that you are performing that – in the network there will only be visible the number of your wallet.

You also can track all the transactions performed within the BTC network, so it is rather hard to find a fraud when it comes to BTC.

Why to Use Bitcoin for Esports Betting?

There are several reasons to use BTC for esports betting:

  • You remain anonymous – if you use any other payment methods you need to disclose your identity especially if you use bank wire or bank card methods as you will have to submit your ID/DL image.
  • It is reliable – you can track all operations within the network thus you can see whether the operation you made was performed and prevent fraud.

There are two reasons why using BTC for payments in online betting might be a bad idea:

  • It takes a while for a transaction to be completed
  • There are not much online bookmakers that support Bitcoin payment method

So it is up to you whether to use BTC. However, there is one one more reason why BTC is not so comfortable like all other payment methods. However, this is going to be disclosed in the next section.

Why Many Sites Do Not Accept Bitcoin Payments?

The thing is the price for Bitcoin changes every hour and the difference between the cost of BTC now and in an hour can differ dramatically. So this is rather volatile tool for making payments. It may be that you have made a bet with Bitcoin and while the bet was made and the match has ended the BTC price has raised dramatically as well as your bet. It is okay if you win, but if you have lost you may feel a bit disappointed. Twice.

Which Alternative Payment Methods Can I Use for Betting Sites?

There are many payment methods available as an alternative, for example, Visa or MasterCard esports betting which is the most popular among others. You also can pay via online payment systems like Skrill, PayPal, Neteller and others.